Organic Clothing for little People


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Caring for healthy and tender skin with Sense Organics organic skincare range

Sense Organics has been in existence for over 15 years producing Organic Environmentally friendly clothing for babies and children. We produce the best organic cotton clothing that is gentle on the skin and super soft. You can purchase high quality organic cotton fair-trade clothing for babies and children’ in our online shop.

Sense Organics not only believes in dressing your children in organic fair-trade clothing but also cleansing your child in all organic products.

Our organic and natural skincare products are perfect for highly sensitive baby and children's skin

We have developed an organic skincare line for baby and all of the family that includes a body wash/shampoo, a rich body lotion, and a nappy crème for your babies.

Organic and vegan certified soap free washgel for baby and children

Sense Organics has developed a soap-free, vegan vegetable-based gel to for your baby’s sensitive skin and hair.

Our organic vegan skin care products do not cause eye irritation. The soap-free body wash also protects against dry skin keeping your babies skin soft and hydrated. Our organic, vegan, soap-free skincare products are free from synthetic colors and fragrances and can be used on the hair and body. You can purchase our skincare products from our online shop.

Organic and vegan certified body lotion for sensitive skin

Our rich organic body lotion helps maintain your baby’s skin in the most natural way by using organic Jojoba oil and organic coconut oil. The body lotion is super absorbent and works quickly to moisture your baby’s skin. It is free of synthetic colors and fragrances and can be ordered in the sense Organics online shop.

Organic certified nappy cream for your baby

Looking for an organic nappy cream that is super sensitive on your child’ bum and actually works?

Check out our nappy cream for babies that contains zinc and bio- and vegetable oils that calm and protect your babies skin against moisture. The nappy cream is free of synthetic colors and fragrances and can be ordered in Sense Organics online shop.

There are many good reasons to order the natural skin care range from Sense organics and one of them are our certificates.

Organic skin care certified by NATRUE, vegan and free of animal testing PeTa

Sense Organics skin care products for your baby's skin and hair have been certified by NATRUE.

What does this mean? Most cosmetic products on the market are full of synthetic ingredients. NATRUE is a certificate for pure natural cosmetics. The organization wants to ensure that high-quality raw materials for natural cosmetics are available. Such high-quality raw materials require a high-quality agriculture and sustainable manufacturing process.

As well, all skin care products for babies and children from Sense organics are certified by PeTa.

This means in detail, that all skin care products are free of animal testing.

Our non-soap wash and body lotion for delicate baby and children's skin are also vegan.

Now you can order organic, environmentally friendly clothing for your children along with their skin care all from Sense Organics online shop. Sense Organics provides a healthy start for your children right from the beginning.

You can order our whole range of organic, vegan, fair-trade clothing and skin care from our online shop.