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About us


Sustainable in every sense, from seed to seam

We love children. Mischievous, messy, colourful and fun – . oOur life lives, and the world, is a better place with them childrenaround. Like you, we believe that our little angels deserve the best. What we put on themchoose for our children, including what they wear, every day tells a story about who we are and what kind of future we want them to have. hope for them.

We want you to feel confident about the safety of your children. We want you to feel good about the clothes you are choosingchoose for them. That’s why we at Sense Organics have crafted these beautiful dresses, teesT-shirts, trousers, bedding, and accessories that are naturally soft, fun, colourful and made with 100 per cent% super soft organic cotton.

Founded by Kirsten Weihe-Keidel in Germany and loved by millions of parents in Europe, Sense Organics has been making durable organic baby clothing affordable and accessible to all. Having started the journey long before organic became a buzz word, now we areWe are now in India with our newa range of holiday-themed summer collectionclothes for new born babies up to seven year old boys and girls. Our collection includes bodbysuits, rompers, night gowns and leggings for babies, T- shirts, dresses, pyjamas and innderwears for boys and girls.

Sense Organics is clothing with a conscience.

Fairtrade Clothing: A fair deal for the cotton farmers and garment workers

Over the past ten years, 300,000 farmers have killed themselves in India. T, this apart from the thousands of farmers who suffer from chronic health problems . There Although there are many socio-political reasonsare many social and political complexities, however, one of the most important and obvious reasons is the extremely low net income of cotton farmers.

At Sense Organics we buy the organic cotton directly from our farmers under Fairtrade terms.

  • It Farmers are guaranteeds a minimum price that covers the costs of production and a profit to ensure sustained livelihood.
  • In addition, a Fair-trade Premium is paid to invest in community development projects such as food security, drinking water facilities and strengthening the infrastructure of the villages as well as the local schools.

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    Pesticide-free clothing: For the farmers and our children

    Cotton uses more insecticides and pesticides than any other crop. Cotton production occupies only five per cent 5% of India’s fields but uses more than 50 per cent% of the country’s pesticides. Heavy spraying increases the vulnerability of the farmers to debt and poor health, while starving them of the money they need for basics for vital needs ssuch as medical expenses or children’s education.

    Sense Organics’ cotton farmers:

  • Do not use genetically modified seeds
  • Never use any chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilisers
  • Use rain water very efficiently
  • Conserves the health of the soil and environment building safer future for them and for the next generation.

  • As Mr. Kusum Rao, one of our organic cotton farmers from Telengana, rightly observes ‘This land is our mother and people are killing her with pesticides. Due to heavy pesticide usage, more and more new diseases are coming up every month’

    From seed to seam, our garments are produced socially and environmentally friendly way in our own production plants that pays the workers fairly and uses 100% renewable energy. All the dyes are selected carefully with the safety of the children in mind and they are GOTS (Global Organic Textiles Standards) approved. Control Uunion, an independent control institution, regularly checks the conformity of the standards.

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    Let us grow, together!

    You can buy our beautiful line of organic baby cloths and skin care products either online at or at our exclusive store in

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